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Military Outdoor 60 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit


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1 x Flint Stone Fire Starter 1 x Multifuntional Pliers

1 x Paracord Bracelet 1 x Whistle

1 x Proportional Scale 1 x Tactical Flashlight

1 x Multi-function knife 1 x Compass Carabiner

1 x Portable key lights 1 x tungsten steel windows broken defense pen

2 x Screwdriver 1 x EDC Survival Tool Card 1 x EDC Waterproof Capsule Tube.

1 x Waterproof Storage Box. 1 x Wire Saw 1 x Band-Aid

1 x USB Led Mini Light 1 x Multifuctional Camping Utensils

1 x Cord 1 x Whistle Keyring 1 x Fishline 1 x Fishhook

1 x Tourniqute 10 x Soft Jerk Bait 1 x Pocket Bellow


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